In the ever-present Now is where we can fully experience life in all its splendor. From this self-fulfilled space, we are then able to relate to ourselves and to others in a more real way.
Bringing our full attention to the present can be a very easy practice once we understand how to bypass the thinking mind that keeps us always moving either into the past or into the future and away from the living present.
In this retreat we will experiment with various simple forms of meditation that use different “anchors” into the present moment: from sitting to walking meditation, to perceiving the inner body and using our physical form and the senses to experience our formless essence within. All of these meditations are inspired by Osho’s guidance that Shastro received during the almost 40 years he has been with him.
As part of this retreat, one evening Shastro will also play for a Doorway to Silence live music meditation. He describes this guided music meditation with these words:
“In this meditation, we will use the sense of hearing as our entry door to the inner silence. When we listen attentively we naturally stop thinking because consciousness, that is now needed for the sensorial perception, is removed from the mental process. In this way, with the help of music, we can enter  naturally and effortlessly into that space of silence and inner calmness.”


15 - 18 Oct 2020


All Day

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La Selva Holistic Hotel



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