I’am Pina jivankala

I have a dream…create a space for a inner grow and meditation experience.

I am the Administrator of Hotel La Selva, nowadays converted to HOLISTIC HOTEL.

Why Holistic Hotel?

Because the service that my workmates and I offer, like the structure that I make available to my guests, are specifically developed to have a whole experience of body-mind.

And because, thanks to the facilitators and therapists I host, people can live an experience of totality and inner unity.

I’ve been very lucky to have my family by my side, always supporting me, and helping me to go on, particularly in the most challenging moments of this project.

I choose all my workmates mainly for their human qualities, beyond their technical skills.

After 12 years of experience, I am convinced that a service of hospitality ( specially in the field of inner experience) needs a strong dose of human quality.

Have a nice stay